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An intriguing thought – a steak from cattle who have been fed on oranges, grapefruit, watermelons, corn meal and minerals! The Tractor Club at VP in Texas has arranged for us to tour a 700 acre ranch where Giovanna Benitez will show us how she uses the abundant fruit in the area to feed her cattle and fatten them up for market. She shows us the hay, ground up fruit, and supplements which are put in giant white tubes to be turned into acceptable feed. A long process involving her 5 workmen and big equipment, her explanations, as she leads a drive around the ranch, are excellent and the members of the club are impressed with this 22 year-old woman (the youngest rancher in the area) who is innovating this feed and hopefully will succeed in making her ranch profitable. She explains that if you buy cattle at $1.65 a lb. (as she did) and sell it at $1.37 a lb. ( the current price) you can innovate away and go broke. All my tour mates and I are crossing our fingers that the price will rise and Giovanna will sell at $2.00 a lb. Good Luck, Giovanna!!

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