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Charles and Dorothy Clark Art Gallery

Charles and Dorothy Clark Art Gallery

It’s a strange and interesting dream an artist has … to succeed in getting your work into a museum … only to be buried and forgotten in a sub-basement somewhere and never seen for decades. A piece of yourself stored and catalogued as an artifact unless a new craze arises that makes your work relevant for a brief time. Doesn’t this seem like a peculiar ambition?

The path to get into the museum is dictated by the whims and self-interest of the dragons at the doors of the museum. The curators who dictate “contemporary taste” and long to discover an unknown artist and tie their business and personal star to this artist.

The artist must have a “cohesive body of work” and hopefully an eccentric lifestyle to elicit interest by the media who will expose the artist to the worldwide public. Meanwhile the artist must continue to produce work to fit into that “body of work” which is being touted.

Is it best to be an egomaniac and shout to the world, “Look at ME!!” …  or to just make art and enjoy the abundance of flowers, birds, clouds , rivers, mountains that surround us all?

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