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Traversing the Galaxy, 8" x 10" etching

Traversing the Galaxy, 8″ x 10″ etching

A tiny percentage of humanity is able to be off-planet … but we have machines, robots, tools … wonders await us as we explore the universe!

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1975  Death Valley, California : SPRING

While driving thru a barren desert I glimpsed a red band circling around a hill.
I stopped, got out, and walked a quarter-mile to the base of the hill.
What could that red stripe be ?

Cavorting Beetles, Etching 8"x10"

Cavorting Beetles, Etching 8″x10″

It was a pile of red beetles … 2 or 3 deep …
too wide to step over … too wide to jump over …
Reddish orange with a black edge and each one inch long …
each individual struggling to reproduce the species.

Shining in the sun … copulating …
Why was this strip of land their chosen place to gather ?

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