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LInes, by Mary P Williams

Lines, by Mary P Williams

How shall I LINE thee? Let me count the ways …

Thick … thin … curved … straight

Vertical … diagonal … horizontal

LINE you can vary in width … direction or length

PLAY with Line!

it is the joy and delight of the Artist.

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Impressions of the 21st Century at the SayaFineArtsGallery, 11N. Sierra St #103, Reno, Nevada. Find us on The Riverwalk!

Impressions of the 21st Century at the SayaFineArtsGallery

Impressions of the 21st Century at the SayaFineArtsGallery

Impressions of the 21st Century is my reflection on the explosions going on around the world … one after another … it seems to be the century of outrage, frustrations, and random violence.

Explosion - Impressions of the 21st Century

Explosion – Impressions of the 21st Century

I have also included in the exhibit some glazed, fired, tiles depicting the animals of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Cickaree on Ceramic Tile

ChicKaree on Ceramic Tile

These are all small, local, animals. We move from macro (the world of explosions) —— to the micro (fauna in our meadow).

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Sierra Angelica

Sierra Angelica, or “Rangers’ Buttons”

Sierra Angelica is commonly described as “Queen Anne’s Lace” but it is not … it is a true California plant while Queen Anne’s Lace comes from England.  It is a member of the carrot family and a spectacular sight … delicate umbrels waving in a slight breeze, growing in the shade of fir and pine, intermingled with Crimson Columbine. When finished blooming the seeds are tiny purplish/green packets thickly spread over the umbrel.  Delightful!

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Linda Gass (www.lindagass.com) describes her work as “environmental art about water”.  Anyone who has seen the salt flats and marshes around Palo Alto or the Dunbarton Bridge will feel instant recognition of her landscapes.  This is especially true if you are on an incoming flight on an airplane landing at SFO. This is about the borders of the land … the bay… and the air. Marvelous!

Linda Gass "In Transition"

Linda Gass “In Transition”

Linda Gass "The Puzzle of Salt"

Linda Gass “The Puzzle of Salt”

Linda Gass "San Joaquin Merced Revival"

Linda Gass “San Joaquin Merced Revival”

Linda Gass "Wetlands Dream Revisited"

Linda Gass “Wetlands Dream Revisited”

Linda Gass "Owens River Diversion"

Linda Gass “Owens River Diversion”

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Here are 4 pieces of “art” relating to various authors …an assignment in 2D class.

Read their books and produce a visual piece relating to each author was the assignment .. .so here are Anais Nin, then Allen Ginsberg, then Ai (Florence Anthony) and finally Jack London. Having visited the house Jack London lived in, I chose to paint the California hills around his house.  Ginsberg was intense and somber so hopefully his painting reflects that … Anais was flamboyant … Ai was all “heart”.  A tribute to them all!

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Olga Escobedo "ojo de venado"

Olga Escobedo "Ojo de Venado"

The first painting is of a child with a pacifier and features a bracelet (or amulet) against the evil eye.  She called it “ojo de venado”.

Olga Escobedo "Ill Child"

Olga Escobedo "Ill Child"

The second painting is of an ill child who has been given a healing herb … a plant to heal fright.  They are doing a ritual to banish fear.

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Lowbrow art … we drove 60 miles up to Rio Grande City to see the current show by M.C. Farris.  A spring-like morning with billowing clouds and lots of green grass along the road verge … shrubs and mesquite trees were tinged with green also.  It was not a brown Texas … refreshing, tender green it was.

Having been told of the lowbrow concept and given a list of men and women artists by Chad himself in the 2-D class at UTPA is seemed necessary to go and see this show. Here are his paintings.

His artist statement emphasized his attempt to pry the viewer out of their ordinary mode of thinking … into consideration of a world not usually viewed as art.

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