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Linda Gass (www.lindagass.com) describes her work as “environmental art about water”. ¬†Anyone who has seen the salt flats and marshes around Palo Alto or the Dunbarton Bridge will feel instant recognition of her landscapes. ¬†This is especially true if you are on an incoming flight on an airplane landing at SFO. This is about the borders of the land … the bay… and the air. Marvelous!

Linda Gass "In Transition"

Linda Gass “In Transition”

Linda Gass "The Puzzle of Salt"

Linda Gass “The Puzzle of Salt”

Linda Gass "San Joaquin Merced Revival"

Linda Gass “San Joaquin Merced Revival”

Linda Gass "Wetlands Dream Revisited"

Linda Gass “Wetlands Dream Revisited”

Linda Gass "Owens River Diversion"

Linda Gass “Owens River Diversion”

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