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Freedom! … from fossil fuel! My conception of Fusion is a small sun being squeezed between two giant magnets to produce lots and lots of energy for us to use. Perhaps someday every village and city will have their “own” small sun to supply all the needed electricity and a tiny cost. Think Fusion!

Aliens with Bubble Living Quarters by Mary P Williams

Aliens with Bubble Living Quarters by Mary P Williams

Floating high above their planet are creatures residing in their individual spheres where they live, reproduce, and gaze at the stars.

Greetings by Mary P Williams

Greetings by Mary P Williams

A Human reaches toward some intelligent beings and sends wave-forms to them as their language requires. Can two cultures meet and communicate? How will we modify our own behavior to enable us to exchange information? A fascinating future lies ahead.

I am recommending the two books “The Three Body Problem” and “The Dark Forest” by the Chinese author Cixin Lui which was recently translated.  A mind-boggling revelation of a future talking to OTHERS in the universe. Warning … very technical language and a foreboding view of how meeting another civilization might proceed. Foreboding = fearful apprehension

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New Planet

New Planet by Mary P Williams

Out and about in the universe we see a new planet beginning to cool and tiny green plants pop up to colonize and soften the sere surface.


Eruption by Mary P Williams

This is after the eruptions, which form the planet, finish their dynamic processes.


Nanobots by Mary P Williams

Some creative soul mentioned that it might be best not to send massive spaceships out to explore the arms of our galaxy but to send tiny, thimble sized nanobots out in fleets of millions. Scatter them 360 degrees, wait for them to land on various planets, replicate themselves, explore, and send back all the information we need. This captivated my imagination so here is a fleet speeding out to visit the universe.

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