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Magritte …

Good morning!

Lestat's on Park

Lestat’s on Park

Wandered down to our local Lestat’s On The Park cafe and what did I find?

Magritte table at Lestat's

Magritte table at Lestat’s

A table with a spoof of Rene Magritte’s painting! …

Mural across from Lestat's

Mural across from Lestat’s

and across the street a truly horrible mural …

so I thought back to the book I just finished titled “WHAT GOOD ARE THE ARTS?”by John Carey which offers ” a delightfully skeptical look at the claims made on behalf of art.” Per The New York Post: “This book is brilliant, funny, and insightful” … Oh ?? maybe brilliant and a bit funny.  It was published in 2006 and examines the place of art and “high’ culture in our lives.

Glad I read it … would I recommend it ? … somewhat tedious but a thorough examination of the value of art ……..

Ciao from San Diego…

Mary and D.L.

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A cold, sunny day at the Japanese Tea Garden, in Balboa Park, San Diego. Beginning our stroll thru the garden we saw a building with an art exhibit titled “Cataclysmic Oddities”.

Cataclysmic Oddities, by Michael Noble

Cataclysmic Oddities, by Michael Noble

The artist, Michael Noble, had arranged all his failed — I am guessing they were failed — pottery in a jumble at the foot of some unusual pieces.

Massive, heavy pieces showing light glimmering thru the walls in random, unexpected places.

A different take on the function of clay… reminds me of the Wallace Stevens  quote “We live in the chaos of the old sun.”

Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Then the carefully raked sand around the rocks … an attempt to exert control over chaos.

Koi, Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Koi, Japanese Tea Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego

The indolent waving fins of the Koi reflecting our inability to stop-even for a moment.
A lovely day … some photos of the objects surrounding us at the Tea Garden.

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