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Magritte …

Good morning!

Lestat's on Park

Lestat’s on Park

Wandered down to our local Lestat’s On The Park cafe and what did I find?

Magritte table at Lestat's

Magritte table at Lestat’s

A table with a spoof of Rene Magritte’s painting! …

Mural across from Lestat's

Mural across from Lestat’s

and across the street a truly horrible mural …

so I thought back to the book I just finished titled “WHAT GOOD ARE THE ARTS?”by John Carey which offers ” a delightfully skeptical look at the claims made on behalf of art.” Per The New York Post: “This book is brilliant, funny, and insightful” … Oh ?? maybe brilliant and a bit funny.  It was published in 2006 and examines the place of art and “high’ culture in our lives.

Glad I read it … would I recommend it ? … somewhat tedious but a thorough examination of the value of art ……..

Ciao from San Diego…

Mary and D.L.

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