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Prickly Pear, an art quilt by Mary Fitzgibbons

Prickly Pear

How hard is it to make a piece of material look like a crinkly cactus blossom? Very Hard! And Mary Fitzgibbons has succeeded in bringing us the texture and essence of a bloom which will last a day or two and then be gone. Fabric art about the weird cacti family is one of her special talents.


Saguaro Journey, and art quilt by Mary Fitzgibbons

Saguaro Journey

The Saguaro year-long journal quilt takes us through the green-rainy season on to the parched-land season and the steps in between. Sometimes the Saguaro is plump with stored water and then it gradually becomes thinner and thinner. A creative concept executed with verve! These plants have adaptability in spades.

One Love, an art quilt, by Mary Fitzgibbons

One Love

With stars in their eyes this couple marry and dance toward the future with lighthearted gaiety. He from the United States and she from Venezuela —“Two Countries – Two Hearts – ONE Love” . It is based on a Frida Kahlo painting. Fabric ART indeed! Mary Fitz has such a delicious way with color, pattern, and 3D flowers – it makes the heart sing.

The Candidate, an art quilt, by Mary Fitzgibbons

The Candidate

Look at this celebration of a graduation at Stanford University in California. Love the symbolism, the palms, and the wonderful face of the graduate. Fabric ART Forever !!


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