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A last burst of creativity before the semester ends:  Chad Farris gives us a list of bands and tells us to “pick a band and do a piece using each song on the CD”. My pick is GRAILS …”Grails is the premier instrumental rock act of the Northeast Portland area. An emerging new artist, ready to take the word by storm.” And they do! Just check the title of the CD I bought: “The Burden of Hope”. Then the titles of the songs they collectively wrote: Canyon Hymn, White Flag, Broken Ballad, Space Prophet Dogan, Invocation, In The Beginning, The Deed, and Lord I Hate Your Day. Yes, they are inventive with their words … words used carefully with lots of connotations.

My sculpture/painting used each song as one of the torn, painted pieces of watercolor paper covering a wooden base and crowned with a glistening seashell … three cheers for music and mystery!

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