More Fused Glass

A squid in the deep ocean?
Or an alien in deep space?

Fused Glass

The fun doing this Fused Glass process is in trying to visualize what the piece will look like after it is fired.

The design is done on a flat glass surface ( 2-D )

and when it is fired the result is a 3-D item … in this case a small glass dish.

In addition, since it is in layers of colored glass, the color you get by putting a blue glass over a yellow piece of glass will be a unique green color … it is a challenging puzzle!


Cacti!  A marvelous adaptation to severely dry conditions on the planet Earth. In arid conditions they thrive. Put them in a pot and water them and they wither.  Backlit with early morning light a variety of colors emerge … colors which are not usually associated with Cacti. It is hard to “see” these colors unless you look intently in the correct light.  


 After reading the “Physics of the Future” by Michio Kaku, I went to sleep.

Here is the image of Fusion vividly in mind when I awoke. 

The quote of Kaku at at the bottom of the watercolor painting reads, “An 8 oz glass of water is equal to the energy of 500,000 barrels of oil.”  What a miracle it would be if we could have a breakthrough into the century of Fusion!

Our Future Home

This painting is titled ” Our Future Home” and shows a band around planet Mars which houses millions of people. As a fan of SiFi and the current push to reach Mars, this is a possible use of space to provide a new home. Lots of wishful thinking here!!

Australian Birds

The Mistletoe bird and Silver Eyes bird are native to Australia.

I did these two drawings 12 years ago while spending 3 months in Australia/New Zealand.

Mistletoe Bird

The Mistletoe guy is a tiny mistletoe-feeding specialist (frugivore) who dines on the fruit of the mistletoes which grow on the millions of miles of Eucalyptus trees. He is known for the efficient way he poops on the tree limbs and spreads the “seeds of love” (reference to our habit of kissing under the mistletoe).

This story was told to me by a local farmer.  He said the farmers shoot the birds because “they spread that parasite, the mistletoe, with their sticky poop.”  He apologized when he saw I was shocked and then said, “We don’t do that anymore … that was done in the 1930’s.”  There were many birds that day.

Silver Eyes 8″X11″ Silverpoint on Paper

In another part of Australia there were birds called “Silver Eyes” flitting thru the trees. They have a distinctive circle of white feathers around their eye defined by a fine black line. They fly in flocks and are so tiny they can fly thru the netting the orchardists spread over their crops … thereby they are seen as “pests” although they perform the valuable service of eating vast quantities of insects.         

Let us live in harmony with the creatures around us!

Now … “SILVERPOINT” … a type of drawing in which an artist uses thin pieces of silver wire held in a stylus to make marks on paper.” It was used by scribes and craftsmen since ancient times, and was favored by Durer and Da Vinci.  The discovery of graphite deposits in England in the 1500’s hastened the decline of the silverpoint technique. A pencil is easier to use!  I was sure you needed to know this trivia.

Exotic Feathers

A new painting:

Exotic Feathers, by Mary P. Williams. 16″ x 16″, oil on wood panel

A new painting:

The Snowball

A new painting:

The Snowball by Mary P Williams.
Oil on wood panel, 16″ x 16″

The Verdin


The Verdin

The Verdin

You tiny puff of feathers

with orange shoulder patch

sing your piping song.

I’ll sing along …

Our Divided Country

Inauguration Day, January 2021, brings our divided country into sharp focus. This is my response to the almost 50/50 divide in our political arena. The hope is that the apples can at least acknowledge that the pears have a world view that they think is sensible and vice versa. Compromise is a necessity!