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A NEW rite of Spring! … at least new to me.  The Sweet Pea Maze in Flinn Springs, California is a fragrant, heady, colorful event which all the locals attend.  There was lovely live music, a sunny breeze-laden day, and sweet peas of every color climbing the fences laid out in a maze … walk the maze if you dare!  You may be overwhelmed by the odor … or by the color … or by the wonder in the eyes of the children as they sniff and wander thru deep purple, vibrant pink, and pure white sweet peas.

It all began at 9 am and at 11 am you are allowed to pay $3.00, handed a pair of scissors, and told to re-enter the maze and cut sweet pea bouquets if you wish.  By 11:30 every flower was cut and held in the hand of the lucky attendee … so many happy faces!!

Hurray for this sweet occasion!

Love, Mary and D.L.

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