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Into The Void

Greetings dear friends … if you wondered about my recent silence … here is the reason for my silence. … I have been hard at work on this oil painting. Feeling unable to express, in words, my sorrow about the wretched physical and political state of my country, America … I have resorted to attempting to convey those feelings in a painting.

Into The Void

Into The Void. COVID-19. 150,00 souls go to the stars by 7/29/20 Mary P Williams 4′ x 5′ oil on canvas

Since we are all composed of stardust I will modify the Longfellow poem to say :
“Stardust thou art to stardust returneth…”
The Covid-19 pandemic rages on here in the U.S. and around the world … may you all stay safe and help your family and neighbors endure whatever occurs.
As ever, Mary & D.L.

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