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New Planet

New Planet by Mary P Williams

Out and about in the universe we see a new planet beginning to cool and tiny green plants pop up to colonize and soften the sere surface.


Eruption by Mary P Williams

This is after the eruptions, which form the planet, finish their dynamic processes.


Nanobots by Mary P Williams

Some creative soul mentioned that it might be best not to send massive spaceships out to explore the arms of our galaxy but to send tiny, thimble sized nanobots out in fleets of millions. Scatter them 360 degrees, wait for them to land on various planets, replicate themselves, explore, and send back all the information we need. This captivated my imagination so here is a fleet speeding out to visit the universe.

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Traversing the Galaxy, 8" x 10" etching

Traversing the Galaxy, 8″ x 10″ etching

A tiny percentage of humanity is able to be off-planet … but we have machines, robots, tools … wonders await us as we explore the universe!

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