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Thoughts about the Mid-term critique … The students assembled at 8:30 to upload their USB’s into the computer for projection and around 9:30 some of the faculty drifted in and we began.  A timer was set to limit each persons time and an “Artists Statement” was distributed to the faculty to read.  Then they made comments on the art work and asked the artist about their “process.” Each student was to have one or two physical artworks available for the faculty to see and a set of digital images to project on the screen. Richard Phillips, art historian, often named a few artists the student could reference which pertained to the style of work the person was doing. Other faculty chimed in with remarks on style, process, and relevance to contemporary art work being done around the world. Since my painting was 4′ x 10′ I set it up during lunch break.

Drought in Texas - Climate Change

Drought in Texas - Climate Change - Are We Caring for the Planet?

All my time was used on the painting and so none of my digital photos were projected on the screen. It was a tedious process and faculty changed all the time with a few faculty staying the whole time.  We wound it all up after 4:30 and one student told me we would be getting a written evaluation at some time in the future.  Did I learn anything?  A little … and most of that listening to the review of other students. Wonder what the Final Critique in December will be like?

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