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There is the Harper’s magazine article titled “Damage Control” in the December 2013 issue which surveys the tide that the 20th century artists ride …

Ben Lerner gives us the tale of The Salvage Art Institute (SAI) founded by the artist Elka Krajewska in which she buys “valueless” art which has been damaged, gone thru the insurance appraisal process, and stored in a warehouse … never to be seen again.

My piece is in a clear egg carton, with dyed, blown eggs, each of which has a cutout from a magazine with an X across it.  These photos of “art” are then crushed by lowering the lid of the egg carton which “deconstructs” the whole object, leaving it in pieces.

Deconstruction by Mary P. Williams

Deconstruction by Mary P. Williams

The article is thoughtful, educational, and will give you a hearty laugh! Click  here to go to Harper’s Magazine

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